Costco to sell the iPhone 3G for $149?

A tech analyst is claiming that Costco is going to sell the Jesusphone for $149 starting in January. No other details were outlined so this statement is this will definitely be filed in the ‘Rumor’ category but even if the discount warehouse does drop the price by 50 bones, that alone would not justify cell phone end times.

The iPhone is already the best selling handset in the US, and while Costco is a major retailer, it’s not Best Buy large. If a retailer with as much market penetration as Best Buy starts selling the iPhone for $149 exclusively, other handset makers and cell phone providers better watch out as the Jesusphone will rule over all. 

January, eh? Maybe Steve-O will drop the MSRP at Macworld to complete his dominance over the domestic handheld market. That seems plausible.