Details, we think, about AT&T's iPhone 3G tethering plans


Are you ready for some iPhone 3G tethering, that is, being able to connect your laptop to the Internet by using the iPhone’s 3G network? Sure is useful when you’re at a café or whatever that, shockingly, doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

Moving on. Some details have leaked to MacBlogz regarding AT&T’s plans for iPhone tethering. The big news, I’d say, is that AT&T plans to limit data consumption to 5GB per month—go over that and you’re paying through the nose. (Those of you who need more than 5GB of 3G connectivity will be encouraged to purchase one of those wireless cards, which will no doubt be all over CES in January.)

The second bit of news is that AT&T plans to charge an additional $30 per month for iPhone tethering. So, if you’re paying $80 per month for your iPhone 3G, you’ll be paying at least $110 if you want a tethering plan. Keep in mind that AT&T may well release new iPhone 3G plans with tethering built into your monthly bill—maybe you’ll save a few dollars that way?

Now, none of this has any release date whatsoever; AT&T is a fickle, fussy nut to crack. Then there’s the fact that AT&T’s 3G networks might not be robust enough for millions of people to cruise YouTube or other bandwidth-heavy sites.