Review: Seattle Sling Dry Bag

It works! The Seattle Sling Dry Bag is waterproof thanks to a dry bag so I decided to put it to the test. Thankfully for the Hitachi Blu-ray camcorder within (love you, Hitachi) it works as advertised. There is more to this case than just a waterproof dry bag though, but simply put, I’m satisfied. 

The Seattle Sling Dry Bag isn’t your ordinary camera bag thanks to the waterproof inner sack (which works, btw). There is a tripod holder in the front and a sling strap for transportation on the back.

It’s larger than the pics make it appear and holds a DSLR, lens, flash and charger easily, but not that much more. Because of the waterproof feature though, there isn’t pockets on the outside of the case for extra batteries or memory cards so you’re going to have to throw everything inside the dry bag which makes for clumsy retrial

Honestly, the bag doesn’t work well for daily tasks. The dry bag requires a good couple of seconds to open and 10-20 seconds to close properly. Thankfully though, the dry bag can be removed but the velcro lid ise NASA-tough. I think you could tow a trailer with this velcro but it certainly does its job of holding the bag together and keeping dust out. 

Overall though, it’s a nice camera case. It might be a little large without that much storage space, but the waterproof feature might be indispensable if you’re a kayaking nature photographer or plan on visiting Niagara Falls. The $150 price will turn off the weekend hobbyist but as camera cases go, this one is well built, offers a niche feature and does it well so the price is well justified in my book.