CNN to use 3D holograms as part of its election coverage tonight


In addition to listening to Ron and Fez tonight, you may want to check out CNN even if Fox News is your preferred network. Why is that? Oh, just the fact that they’ll be using 3D holograms to talk to people “in-studio.” It’s just like Star Wars, the movie series that passed its sell-by date some time ago.

Says USA Today, the mouthpiece of America’s third grade education:

…the Obama spokesperson will be projected as a three-dimensional hologram, making it appear as if he or she is in the Manhattan studio with Blitzer. The network plans to conduct similar holographic interviews with representatives from the McCain campaign in Phoenix

That, and CNN (and Fox News) broadcasts in splendid high-definition, unlike MSNBC, if you need another reason to take a peek this evening.

via Boing Boing Gadgets