Review: Energizer Hard Case Professional Inspector Flashlight

I’ve been through my fair share of Maglite Minis. They’re good flashlights, but they can’t hold a candle to many of the modern LED flashlights. Take the Inspection Light from Energizer’s Hard Case Professional line. It’s about the same size, but a fraction of the weight. It feels solid. The casing is an ergonomic combination of steel and rubberized plastic. Oh yeah, it’s bright too: 30 lumens. The LED will last forever as it’s guaranteed to last until long after the earth’s temperature has caused all of us to spontaneously combust. It says so in the fine print. Go ahead and check. I’ll wait.

Like those tiny Maglites, it’s small, which makes it easy to find that thing you dropped behind the sofa/dresser/bookcase/desk. Best part is that the rubberized plastic case is much more comfortable to hold in your teeth. Hey, sometimes you need both hands.

This is designed for professionals on the job. You can tell. It has bolts on the case. Bolts! Holding down the metal plate that bears its name. You can’t resist the testosterone call of bolts. You may not be able to beat anyone unconscious with this wee light, but when you hold it in your hand, you’ll feel like a man.

Bottom Line
This thing has bolts holding it together. It is strong.