BFF: Blu-Ray, she is dead.

SteveJabs writes:

I don’t know if I am writing this because I completely and utterly agree with CrunchGear or because I saw my Apple story slipping to the bottom of the feed below What.Cd invites, but this ought to start another fun flame war.

Face it folks, Blu-Ray is headed to the pooper can. But don’t get me wrong, I love Blu-Ray. My copy of 2001 on my 1080p 56″ Samsung “son of Jesus” TV looks fantastic. I buy nearly every new movie on the B-Ray and between my roommates and I, I think we have replaced a good chunk of our DVD collection.

What is killing Blu-Ray for most people though? Well the answer to that is simple. It’s too f*cking expensive. $300 for a player, $35 for a movie and a lack of selection is cutting off the option for it to take off and blow up. In the current financial crisis that we are suffering in this country no one is going to be dropping that kind of money anytime soon. Gas is $2.65 a gallon because no one is driving. And eBay is falling off the face of the earth because no one has money and is willing to throw it nilly-willy to the wind on a format that honestly doesn’t penetrate that deep (or for other items either).

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