Docstoc Now Lets You Email It In

Getting people to use your Web app is all about lowering the barriers to entry and making it as dead-simple as possible. The idea of uploading documents to the Web and embedding them YouTube style is still a foreign concept to many people. Docstoc just made that process as easy as sending an email.

If you have a Docstoc account registered to your email address, all you have to do is send the document you want uploaded as an email attachment to It’s the fastest way to upload a document to the Web. I tried it with the press release below.

Once it’s been successfully uploaded, you receive a confirmation email with a link to the Webified document. Docstoc turns Word files, PDFs, Powerpoints, and other documents into a Flash embed (as does its main competitor, Scribd)

About one million public documents have been uploaded to DocStoc since it launched almost exactly a year ago today. But only two percent of Docstoc’s 300,000 registered users bother to upload documents regularly. Something tells me that number is about to go up.
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