Sprint CEO: "By gosh if that Android ain't a lump of you-know-what"

You know that down-homey guy who shows up in a diner during commercial breaks in Heroes? That’s Old Man Hesse, up Sprint way, who has him a bone to pick with Android.

Sprint may be having a lot of problems marketing its own brand in the last few years, but according to Chief Executive Dan Hesse, Google’s Android mobile operating system isn’t perfect either.

He told the National Press Club in Washington that he didn’t think Android in its current form is ”good enough to put the Sprint brand on it.”

He also doesn’t like kids walking on his lawn, hates the farm subsidies given to big producers, and genuinely misses real movies like Hud and A Night to Remember and none of this mamby pamby crap they’re playing now with robots and ghosts and what not. He wants his pickled eggs and a beer now, dammit.

via Phandroid