E3's changing face has CEOs and partners cheering

Expect more of these ^

Come June, we will face a different E3 than recent years, and if you believe the planners, different than even the old days. The confusing, “invite only” nature of the show recently has taken such withering criticism from industry heavies that the planners have moved back to the old format, and the most outspoken critics are now effusive in their praise.

Attempts by the planners to adapt E3 — such as the separate “E for All” event — have been rendered moot, and were probably non-starters anyway. It seems that E3 has a role to play, and that roll is a colossal cluster…well, you know. It’s got to be huge, it’s got to be expensive, and once again companies will have to structure their development schedules around it. Why do I get the feeling the swag won’t be as ridiculous next year?