Yes, the Toshiba Portégé R600 is really light at 800g


What better way to make your commodity product stand out than by adding some fins? Of course, the laptop equivalent of adding fins is to make them thinner and lighter than the previous generation. That’s just what Toshiba did with its Portégé R600, a laptop with a 12.1-inch display that weighs a paltry 800g, or 28.2 oz. Keep in my that’s if you decide you don’t need a built-in optical drive—add that and the weight climbs to more than 1kg, or 35.2 oz.

The other vitals: 3GB of memory and a choice of either a 200GB hard drive or 128GB solid state drive, and a I-can’t-believe-we-still-put-up-with-this 1.2GHz Intel processor. Toshiba swears it runs Vista just fine.

Than again, if you’re buying a laptop primarily because you want browse the Internet at a café without too much trouble, then yeah, this could work. Hell of a way to spend your money, though.

As you might expect, a supermodel-like light laptop will cost you, and the R600 starts at around $2,099.