USB Floppy Drive Key provides 2-in-1 storage option

If you’re a sysadmin, you may have noticed a somewhat annoying trend: computers — especially servers — rarely ship with floppy drives any more, and yet BIOS updates still often require that you boot from a floppy disk!  Sure, you can jump through hoops and place a bootable image onto a normal USB memory stick, but that can be complicated and time consuming.  The HP USB Floppy Drive Key provides a 2-in-1 USB media solution that presents to the host comptuer a normal USB storage device and a USB floppy device!  Simply connect the USB key to a computer, place the files you want onto the USB floppy, and then move the key over to the floppy-less computer and boot.  No need to hang onto a dedicated USB floppy drive, and one more reason to ditch all those old floppy disks you’ve been hanging onto since your Windows 3.1 days.

Available from HP in 1 GB and 256 MB models for $79 and $49, respectively.