Google Fixes Gmail For The Blackberry And Java Phones

Google finally got around to fixing Gmail on the Blackberry and J2ME phones like the Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson W910i. Now you can compose emails while offline. When you hit “send, they sit in the outbox until your handset finds a network again. Gmail is also being updated with the ability to compose and save more than one draft at the same time, toggle between different email accounts, and it is introducing more shortcut keys.

The offline capability will come in really handy on the subway. As a New York City resident, that’s where I get a lot of my emails done. And as a Blackberry owner, it’s always annoyed me that I could read my emails but not to respond to any while en route to work. Now, my BlackBerry can do what Gmail on my iPhone and Android handsets can do. Just in time for the Blackberry Storm, too.