Consumer Electronics Association predicts 3.5 percent sales growth (but that's not really good news)


The Consumer Electronics Association—the folks who organize CES, which I just registered for a few minutes ago—have whipped up a study that shows a 3.5 percent growth in consumer spending this holiday season. That may sound good, 3.5 percent growth, but it is a half-percentage point drop compared to last year. As such, there’s more than a tinge of “doom and gloom” to take from the numbers.

Like you need me to tell you, but consumers are more than a little worried about how the volatile economy will affect their spending habits this season. Things like video games, laptops and digital cameras are all in danger of, um, not being bought as much as they were last year.

More specifically, the CEA sees a 3.9 percent increase in demand for A/V equipment, including TVs and fancy speakers; a 5.6 percent increase in video game sales; an 11 percent increase in cellphone sales; and, worryingly, a 1 percent drop in the sale of proper computers.

Frankly, as long as I have a World of Warcraft account and access to Usenet/BitTorrent I’m golden. I shall not want!