It really was “Echoes of Doom” in World of Warcraft yesterday


Blizzard named yesterday’s gigantic World of Warcraft patch “Echoes of Doom.” How prescient.

Right, so Blizzard “dropped” patch 3.0.2 yesterday. Servers were done for a good 24 hours while the company’s elves did their magic. The full patch notes, as always, are available online. Among other things, Stormwind now has a harbor and my Hunter, Fredfresno, has a new hair cut; hints of the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King abound. Life is grand, in a horribly depressing sort of way.

But my God in Heaven, after four years of running this game, Blizzard still has a hell of a time keeping everything up to speed on patch day. Servers went up and down; character lists were incomplete (“hey, didn’t I have two alts on this server?”); and the lag, once you were able to log in, was marked. Call pet, wait four minutes, feed pet, wait three minutes, log out and read an old copy of Proust you’re so annoyed.

General chat was filled with people (for a change) expressing their frustration. You know, “This patch sucks,” “F-ck Blizzard,” “We’re trapped in Shatt.” The gold farmers had even stayed home. That’s defcon right there.

Right now, a little before 1:00pm EDT, the game (several servers) seems to be running better. It’s just weird to see Blizzard still have such a hard time not completely shanking it on patch day.