High-tech bomb squads in Iraq and Afghanistan

iraq01 The methods for detonating bombs, IEDs, mortars, missiles, and so on have multiplied and become more technologically advanced; it follows, then, that a bomb squad should be a high-tech outfit prepared for any tech contingency. This is a very interesting and in-depth article about the lucky soldiers (Army and Navy) whose job it is to detect, disarm, and collect unexploded ordnance and improvised explosive devices.

One doesn’t need to be told how difficult and dangerous that job is, but on this occasion it looks like the Defense Dept actually put out, supplying the teams with versatile, heavily armored vehicles, multiple bomb-collecting robots (with guns), and sophisticated electronics. It’s a nice read for a Sunday afternoon, so settle in with another cup of coffee and learn something new.

[image credit: Glenn Zorpette]