RIM shot: A hands-on of the BlackBerry Storm


Our amigos at Gizmodo have a hands-on with a Verizon Wireless-branded BlackBerry Storm, and it’s gotta be in the top 100 most interesting things you’ll see all day.

To be fair, the phone at least looks halfway decent.

Giz’s Buchanan notes a feature that will no doubt annoy several would-be Storm owners. Unlike how on the iPhone you can sorta “glide” from letter to letter while typing, the Storm makes you “confirm” that you’ve touched a character.

Yes, the screen is a giant button, one you have to punch for basically every action, even every letter you type, completely breaking the touchscreen paradigm.

So again, the phone doesn’t sound halfway bad, but you really do wonder if the Storm is too little, too late for RIM. Lord knows Verizon Wireless hopes it’s not.