How TiVo saved last night

In case you didn’t notice, two chumps dominated every damn TV station last night and almost ruined my evening. They were spouting off during my prime TV viewing time and I didn’t feel like listening to lies after lies. So, my wife watched 90210 off of the TiVo and I worked on a couple of CrunchGear reviews. But after she was done, she handed me the remote to find something else to watch – and there was nothing on! Nothing I tell you, but that stupid town hall debate. We had already watched all of our shows on the TiVo, were caught up on subscribed Bit Torrent’d shows and TiVo doesn’t offer Hulu access; I thought my night was ruined. Then it hit me!  

TiVo Suggestions! There were 13 items in the TiVo Suggestions folder, it served up two delightful Seinfeld episodes that were far more entertaining than Obama and McCain’s tiresome rhetoric. I don’t think I had ever watched a TiVo suggested show before, but after last night’s rescue, I’m going to make sure the feature is always turned on.

So, from my family, I would like to publicly thank you TiVo for saving us from the debate last night. We love you.