NesBox: A cute little casemod for your hard drive

This fellow is selling a $180 hard drive case mod he built out of an old NES cartridge and a 250GB hard drive. By stuffing everything inside the case, he’s creating what we can only describe as a Nintendo cartridge that could potentially hold the code on every other game cartridge in existence along with a copy of King of Kong.

I recently purchased an external drive and was disappointed with the enclosure, this may sound shallow but when you spend money on something, you want it to look and feel exactly right.

From these humble beginnings Nes-box was born, my next task was to see if my plan would work, so I dismantled one of my old nes cartridges to size it up against the drive. The cart was almost a perfect match and the drive fitted quite snugly inside its new jacket.

For less than a dollar per gigabyte you, too, can enjoy the sight of Mario melting as your drive slowly overheats.

via Giz