CrunchDeals: 500W PSU and 2GB of RAM for $39 shipped

Damn, that’s hot! If you’re not running a crazy system that needs more than 500 watts of power (you’d know if you do), you might just upgrade here. I’m thinking about it. OCZ StealthXStreams are good PSUs and very quiet, and then getting two DDR-2 6400 DIMMs into the deal for a dollar less? Yes, with the $20 combo discount and the two $25 rebates, you pay less for both than you would for just the PSU. That’s crazy talk, my friend. [via NVNews]

Update: To be precise: the deal is at Newegg. You buy the combo deal detailed on either of the product pages linked, get $20 off the total instantly, then send in for $50 back. That’s $70 off $109.