Casio EQW-500DBE-1AVER: A watch for Iron Man, but does Iron Man need a watch?

In conjunction with the release of Iron Man in Blu-Ray Casio has announced the EQW-500DBE-1AVER, a Waveceptor watch with alarm, world time, two stop watches, and an automatic backlit face. It uses a dual-region radio to automatically sync with atomic clocks around the world.

Interestingly, this red, white, and blue confection is being touted as a Iron Man watch in the UK, which doesn’t quite make sense. Presumably the Iron Man suit has a built-in HUD with the time. Why would Iron Man strap on a watch? It reminds me of this guy who used to sit in computer class in front of a Windows 98 machine and ask “Hey, does anyone know the time?”

Anyway, the watch should make its way over here for about $500. I like Casio Waveceptors but this one’s complicated face might be a bit jarring for a certain subset of horology buffs.