Run for the hills! Xbox Live is down! [Update 3]

Got some bad news for those wanting to get in some COD4 action after work; Xbox Live is down. It just kind of stopped working and the only word comes from the Xbox 360 support site without any indication on when it will be back up.


Users will not be able to connect or log into Xbox LIVE. We are aware of the problem and working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

So yeah, hopefully it comes back soon or you might be forced to do something radical…like go outside. I know, crazy talk.

Update 1: Looks like Live goes up and then crashes seconds later. Yay Microsoft!

Update 2: Microsoft’s Major Nelson sayz,

Just got of a meeting getting an update on the service issues. Things are going to get better VERY soon.

Update 3: All systems back to normal, Captain. Live seems to be up and run’n again.