Apple files dismissal motion against Psystar counterclaims

The latest chapter in the David vs Golitha battle has just unfolded in the Northern District of California with a dismissal filing by Apple .

Jobs & Co. state in the claim,

Defendant Psystar Corporation is knowingly infringing Apple’s copyrights and trademarks, and inducing others to do the same. Psystar makes and sells personal computers that use, without permission, Apple’s proprietary operating system software. In an obvious attempt to divert attention from its unlawful actions, Psystar asserts deeply flawed antitrust counterclaims designed to have this Court force Apple to license its software to Psystar, a direct competitor. The Court should reject Psystar’s efforts to excuse its copyright infringement, and dismiss these Counterclaims with prejudice

So to catch you up to speed, Psystar started selling Mac clones, Biggs buys one, Apple sues the company, Psystar countersues, and now this. Maybe a big group hug would help.

Filing [PDF] via AppleInsider