RealNetworks goes to court to clear RealDVD's good name (before Hollywood destroys it)


Today should be a happy day for Real, having just released RealDVD, the DVD-copying-for-the-masses Windows app. But now there’s lawsuits involved, and lawsuits make Baby Deity unhappy.

RealNetworks has gone to court to get a judge to declare RealDVD A-OK. This comes after some saber-rattling by several Hollywood studios, several of which threatened RealNetworks over the sale of RealDVD. Something about copyright infringement or some other nonsense. It’s pretty silly when you examine just how lightly RealNetworks treaded with RealDVD.

RealNetworks went to all this trouble to not only preserve CSS on RealDVD’d image files, but it added an additional layer of DRM to prevent RealDVD image trading.

So now we wait for the technologically ignorant court system to digest all the facts.