New AC/DC Rock Band details: Exclusivity, No online play, Song exporting

The more I hear about the recently announced AD/DC Rock Band expansion, the less excited I am about it. After reading through the details unearthed by Variety today, my interest remains low.

The New Details:

  • Harmonix has exclusivity on AC/DC content indefinitely, after they’ve gone on the record as being against exclusive artist deals
  • No character creation
  • “There are some custom graphics,” but you don’t play as AC/DC
  • No online play with the standalone disc
  • Songs can be exported, for free, for play with Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Exported songs can be played online.

It just doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to warrant a physical product. Nobody is going to go and buy a few hundred dollars of Rock Band instruments to play 18 AC/DC songs, so anybody who buys this will likely have one of the original games anyways. Not making this DLC is just an inconvenience. Maybe I’m crazy – Anybody out there getting antsy in the pants for this one?

[Via Kotaku]