Latest iPhone rumor: EVDO/CDMA model coming in 2009

Apple’s quest for total handheld domination is limited by AT&T and so swirling rumors about a CDMA iPhone has to have some truth to them. It isn’t like Apple to be tied down to one distribution channel like the current iPhone, but that’s the way the cell phone biz works here in the States. According to a 9to5Mac Verizon insider, we could see a CDMA iPhone as early as Macworld 2009. The rumor isn’t new and Verizon initially was going to get the jesusphone, but after some negotiations deteriorated, Apple sought out AT&T. This is still a rumor but if Apple is serious about controlling the handheld market, it has to penetrate different markets and reach a more broad customer base; Verizon is the next, logical step.