Toshiba showcases super-small projector

It seems development of micro projectors picks up steam in Japan. Following Tokyo-based venture firm Nippon Signal (“We’ve built the world’s smallest projector”), Toshiba recently exhibited a projector the size of an iPod at one of the company’s own exhibitions in Japan. The device was already on display at IFA 2008, a consumer electronics trade show that took place in Germany last month.

Toshiba’s projector has a luminance of about 7lm and features a resolution of 480×320 (HVGA). However, both Nippon Signal’s prototype (800×600) and Australian company Mint’s product (640×480) boast a higher resolution. The Toshiba device displays images of about 50 inches (same as the Mint projector).

Strangely, Toshiba denied to specify the exact size of their new prototype but said it just runs less than an hour on the built-in battery. The company wants to enhance the luminance to 10lm and boost battery lifespan to 2 hours before commercializing the projector next year. Expected retail price: $300-400.

Via Tech-On