Verizon to offer contract-free plans next week?

Verizon may be coming to accept what much of their market has already realized: if a customer brings their own phone or is willing to pay full price for a non-subsidized phone, there is no reason they should be forced into a contract. According to BGR, Verizon might begin offering contract-free service options on September 21st.

There are a few catches, but nothing too nasty: While you won’t have to pay an ETF when you leave, you will have to pay an activation fee on sign-up (and, at least initially, that kid you went to school with who happens to work at the Verizon store now won’t be able to void it out for you.) Also, you won’t be eligible for the standard yearly upgrade discounts, and they’ll still check your credit before letting you on board. Other than that, it’s look to be a solid option for people who change carriers on the monthly.