Social Gaming Site Muzui Helps You Get Your Game On


Muzui, a social gaming site that lets you play casual mobile and Flash-based games online or on a cell phone with friends today announced that it has launched the service to the public.

When you decide to play a game in Muzui, you can either sign up or play as a guest. Both are free.  If you play as a guest, you won’t be able to connect with friends in the social sphere, but you can play as much as you’d like. But the main premise of Muzui is to forgo playing alone and join the site to interact with others in a turn-based game environment.

Once you sign up (Muzui lets you use your Social ID from Facebook, or MSN if you’d prefer to use that), you can add friends and start playing games. If you play games with others, you can start collecting coins regardless of whether you win or lose. The coins act as a meter to show others how experienced you are in using the service and are supposed to help gauge your skill level.

Right now, the number of games on the site is relatively limited — there are only five games — but each gives you the option of downloading it to your cell phone and play with your friends when you’re on-the-go. In order to solve the problem of game availability, Muzui gives its users the opportunity to create Flash-based games and upload them to the site for others to play.

Users don’t make any money by creating their own games or game levels, but the company is offering prizes for the top users each month.

Muzui is competing in an extremely difficult space given the availability of iPhone gaming apps and countless online gaming sites. But it’s the social element and the ability to bring those online games to mobile phones that it believes will set it apart. Time will tell.