Philips "relationship care" vibrators revealed

When I read about these a few days ago I was loathe to post them – they sounded like something someone from Philips R&D mentioned casually over dinner and was then blown up into a huge story. Boy, was I wrong.

Philps will soon offer these $140-$160 vibes to all and sundry. They are making male, female, and unisex versions and they look pretty darn cute in a “zen pebble you put in your hoohah” way.

Philips also brought us the Body Groom, the device everyone considers using but never buys. I tried it a few years ago and came away hairless and pleased, so if these benubbed little tribbles work as promised, my weekends may soon be full of hairless erotic massage courtesy of the fine folks at Philips.

via Giz