Interesting: Apple just a "niche player" in worldwide touchphone business

I started this article expecting to laugh and laugh about how some big analyst thinks the iPhone is a minor player, but in fact he makes a few points. Because of Apple’s reticence (or inability) to release the phone to the clamoring masses in Korea, Malaysia, and so on, other players have jumped at the opportunity, and are reaping the benefits.

It’s easy to forget that the US is just a medium-sized piece of the world mobile business pie. You see lots of iPhones on the streets but no Instincts, no Vus, no Dares. In places like Seoul it’s the other way around. The significant presence of companies like Samsung and Sony Ericsson there means they’re quicker to market and now in fact already control three quarters of the world touchsceen phone market. Now you know! And knowing is half the battle.