Day Two TechCrunch50 Recap: We Have Internet!

Day two at TechCrunch50: Awesome.

None of the day one problems with the Internet access, thank God. The celebrities had left the stage. It was all about the startups on stage and in the demopit.

Day two sessions included Collaboration, Finance & Statistics, Mobile and Language/Platform Tools. At least two startups had standing, cheering ovations: Swype (virtual keyboard input) and Tonchidot (real world tagging via iPhone).

The Ustream feed was lively as well. In addition to an average of 1,000 people in the room at any given time, another 3,100 on average were watching on Ustream. That’s a lot of people watching each company launch.

Between launches we had the chance to ask questions directly to top venture capitalists. And Jason Calacanis finished the day off with a fascinating, soundbite filled interview with Mark Cuban.

Except the day wasn’t actually finished…Everyone moved to Temple for the Semantec Party, which blew through any expectations someone would normally have for a party hosted by a security company (Calacanis, who stayed until the end, is yet to be seen at the event on Day 3).

Thousands of photos continue to be uploaded and tagged TechCrunch50. And make sure to check out the awesome TechCrunch50 Animoto slideshows.

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