AT&T refreshes their deck with Yahoo! oneSearch

Giving in to the fact that every WAP deck any carrier has ever made in house is just about useless, AT&T has refreshed their deck with Yahoo’s oneSearch at its core. Search for a movie, it gives you local show times. Search for a sports team, it looks for current games and reports scores. Tell oneSearch you’re having a bad day, and oneSearch will tell you that you’re beautiful. With the integration of oneSearch into their MEdia Net (They capitalize the ME so no one confuses it with YOUdia Net, or something) portal, AT&T is the first in the states to bring Yahoo’s mobile-focused search engine straight to the front page.

That doesn’t keep non-AT&T folk from using it, of course – just point your browser at, and then go yell at your carrier for having a crappy WAP deck.