Google admits heavy-handed Chrome EULA a mistake, will retroactively fix


Floating around Twitter and Tumblr the past day or so has been the rather restrictive EULA that Google has in place for its Chrome Web browser. People were freaking out, as they do so often in today’s hypersensitive climate, because it looked like Google was making a legal claim to each and every bit you transmit while using the browser. Post to a message board or blog? Google owns the post. Upload your garage band’s songs to a Web server? Congrats, Google now has the exclusive rights to your songs. And so on.

That’s not the case, Google has assured everyone.

That scary language was a mistake, Google says, and the EULA will be changed retroactively.

I like how Ars Technica points out that anyone with some amount of computer savvy could legally walk around the EULA by the downloading its source code and compiling it on their own.

Also, I’m hoping to have a little “This Mac users’ take on Chrome” either later today or tomorrow. Oh, it’ll be a barn burner, you can take that to the bank.