DreamIt Incubator Holds Funding Day To Commemorate First Graduating Class

Today marks DreamIt Ventures’ first Funding Day, during which the new startup incubator will introduce a dozen new companies to a collection of founders and venture capitalists. DreamIt is a program in the same vein as Y Combinator and TechStars, offering startups seed funding, guidance, and connections in exchange for equity. We’ve written brief introductions to each of the startups, which you can view below:

SCVNGR: SCVNGR is a promising startup that allows users to create mobile games without any technical knowhow. The games are free to play from any cell phone, and don’t require a download. SCVNGR games are ideal for group activities, like school orientations, corporate team building, and promotions.

Vuzit: Vuzit offers an embeddable document viewer, allowing users to include documents in their web pages and blogposts. Very similar functionality by Scribd and Docstoc, but Vuzit is aiming to become a tool for individuals and companies who are interested in managing access to their content instead of a destination portal.

Phrazit: Phrazit condenses reviews down to 30 characters or less by allowing users to create tag clouds for just about anything. Users submit words or phrases associated with each word, with the most popular results displayed in a large font. For example, the Phrazit for Harry Potter describes the series as “Bloody Awesome”. You can see our full review of Phrazit from last month here.

DropCard: DropCard hopes to be a solution to the problems that plague business cards (namely, you don’t always have them with you, and they’re practically useless if you have too many of them). DropCard remedies this issue by asking users to text their new acquantince’s email address to a 41411, which will send their contact information and ask them to repicrocate by signing up and sending theirs. For a similar service, see Rmbrme.

BeanStockd: BeanStockd is a news site and media company hoping to further bring the green and enviornmental movements to the public’s attention. The site currently features a blog, and also plans to release a web-based game, which users can advance on by participating in real-world green activities.

InterviewBest: InterviewBest helps users prepare for their job interviews by generating printed presentations that can be used during their interviews. The site also helps users write their post-interview follow-up letters. InterviewBest will offer a trial version, and will generate revenue with a paid subscription plan.

Anthillz: Anthillz asks professionals to review their colleagues, which can be used as a “social pitch” for future job applications. In order to request a review from one of your colleagues, you have to write a review about them first – a design that may help the site increase its content, but may also lead to inaccurate or careless reviews.

Sleep.fm: A self-described “social alarm clock”, Sleep.FM allows users to set their alarm and have their friends leave messages which will wake them up in lieu of a standard buzzer. The site also promises to allow users to set up “smart” alarms, such as a weather report or a notification if a flight has been delayed.

SnackFeed: SnackFeed indexes premium video content on the web and tries to ascertain which shows will interest you the most. The site also intends to offer an activity feed for video, allowing you to see what videos your friends have uploaded or watched.

TapInko: TapInko looks to simply the often time consuming process of purchasing ad space in the real world. The site plans to offer users a variety of ad placement options, including newspapers, restaurant walls, vehicles, or even as a tattoo on someone else’s body part (who had previously put a portion of their skin up for sale).

Trendient: Trendient is positioning itself as a promotions and sales intelligence solution for the long tail of e-tailers, who may not have the time or resources to track such data themselves. Details at this point are slim, as the site is currently in alpha testing.