Robot servant looks friendly… so far

While we are awaiting the eventual robot takeover of the human species, our generation will at least will get a little down time. Further generations will not be so lucky; they will be slaves to our robot masters. But, for those lucky enough to be alive in this golden era we give you the Japanese cell-phone-controlled robot servant.

Designed by Fukuoka-based robot-making company, TMSUK, the helpful little robot can be told what to do from anywhere in the world. Commands can be delivered via a cell phone, and there is video capability to see exactly what goes on in the house while you are away.

Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but someday you are going to want to know exactly what your personal robot is up to when you are away from home. With up to 30,000 robots already pressed into service in Japan alone, don’t think it’s not coming.

Video after the jump…

via Diagonal View