Cliff Bleszinski says GoW2 is "85/90%" done, "batshit insane"

This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise, but Cliffy B. told Xbox World 360 in their upcoming issue that Gears of War 2 is:

“We’re basically at the 85/90% polish stage right now, doing some last minute optimisations.

“I boot the game up every morning and go through campaign mode, making sure it’s all stitched together and batshit insane.”

GoW2 will have even more color, too!

“We kind of actively aimed for the de-saturated look, but its since become de riguer for this generation of games,” said the chainsaw-gun man. “I think that’s why something like Mirror’s Edge has become kind of like an oasis in the desert of E3 – ‘Look! There’s a red crate! I love you!’

“We actually have a little more colour in Gears 2 – reds, oranges. Hopefully you’ve noticed. What I can tell you is that if there was a Gear 3 it’ll be a total disco town: purples, pinks and greens everywhere!”

via CVG