Becker Crocodile terrorizes, ahem, explores Europe

Debuting this week is the Becker GPS unit, the Traffic Assist 100. It has been dubbed ‘Crocodile’, presumably due to its appearance and water resistant nature. Designed for motorcycles, it has maps for 42 countries pre-loaded in 2 GB of embedded flash memory.

Two 3-D viewing options are incorporated, Terrain View and City View. From the press release:

The Terrain View display opens up to the horizon in brilliant image quality and is especially helpful when driving over hilly terrain or on winding roads. For better orientation in cities, buildings are displayed as 3-D models. This makes it easier to follow the directions for the next turn. Orientation is also enhanced by more than 1,000 photorealistic 3-D images of European landmarks, including the Reichstag Building in Berlin.

Common features are integrated into this cruising-friendly GPS unit, including a touchscreen and a route planner. Unlike many other units though, this one speaks in 28 languages. How European.