Now official: Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 price in Japan, will be cheaper than Nintendo Wii [Update]

Photo via Wired, bless their hearts</small

As we sit here in the U.S. waiting for a rumored Xbox 360 price cut, gamers in Japan already have their good news. Microsoft is expected to announce a ~$75 price cut for the Xbox 360 there, bringing its price to around $182 (¥19,000). That’s even less than what it costs to buy a Nintendo Wii in Japan. Clearly Microsoft is thinking about boosting its sales for this holiday period, perhaps sensing a bit of momentum after the release of Tales of Vesperia, a JRPG.

This news comes to us from Nikkei, so we can safely assume it’s not some silly rumor.

Update The price cut is official now. Xbox 360 Arcade will retail for ¥19,800, or about $183 starting on September 11. Microsoft will also release a 60GB version for ¥29,000, or about $275.