PAX 2008: Jonathan Coulton rickrolls the entire concert audience

I mentioned it in an earlier post, but as it all went down while I was in the middle of swappin’ out cameras, I missed getting this little gem on video. Fortunately, ye olde Tube of Yous has come through.

To explain what you’re seeing: About halfway through his set, Coulton pushed an iDVD-built video menu to the concert hall’s projection screens. It had two items: one labeled “Play this one”, one labeled “Not this one”. After a few rounds of playful banter between Coulton and a sound guy whos name he simply couldn’t remember, they managed to tag-team the audience into chanting for the not-to-be-played video (The camera used in that video up above didn’t quite pick up just how loud the chant was – people were pretty riled up). “Sound Guy” clicks the no-no video, aaaaaand it’s a rickroll.

There were a few thousand people in that concert hall. Could this be the largest simultaneous Rickroll in the history of the intarwebs?