CrunchDeals: Cheap prepaid Sony Ericsson Z750

sonyericsson_z750apkg_lHey, not a bad deal here for a sorta-nice emergency pre-paid phone. You can pick up a refurbished Sony Ericsoon Z750 from AT&T for $39.99, which includes a $25 prepaid card. So the whole getup ends up costing you less than the three disgusting Chipotle burritos you’re going to try to scarf down at lunchtime today.

The Z750, in case you’re wondering, is a 3G phone! That means lighting quick access to AT&T Mobile Music streaming, I guess. Plus, it’s a world phone that works on a wide range of GSM networks.

Add all the crap I mentioned above, plus an external OLED screen, 2-megapixel camera with video capture, Memory Stick Micro expansion, and stereo Bluetooth and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice little backup phone.

Packages & Deals List [AT&T via PhoneNews]