Congratulations to the winners of our caption contest!


Your task was to come up with a caption for the above photo, which shows our intrepid editor John Biggs wearing one of his new shoes from Aussie Soles.

Here are your winners, ladies and gentlemen. They’ll each take home an IPEVO POV webcam for their troubles. Winners, we’ll contact you via e-mail to arrange shipment.


Well thought out, poignant, makes you think. Plus, other commenters voted this one to be a winner so who are we to argue?


This one appeals to the senses. A commercial could be made in the style of the Calvin Klein TV ads made popular in the late eighties. The first three lines pull you in, the final two sentences knock you to the ground yet leave you wanting more.


This one was actually the first comment on the original review of the Aussie Soles. I can tell you with 100% honesty that I actually LOL’ed twice. Well crafted, Paul. Although you didn’t know it at the time, your comment would go on to win a contest that hadn’t even been invented yet. You, my friend, are the FUTURE!