Samsung X360: light as an Air, more features than an MBP

Samsung appears to have made an incredibly hot little item. They call it the X360, which seems to infringe equally on Microsoft and Lenovo’s trademarks. Samsung took aim at the MacBook Air’s form factor and seems to have succeeded at taking some of the shine off of Apple’s wispy little offering. The X360 weighs slightly less (1.27kg) and although it doesn’t look quite as svelte, it sports quite a few more features:
3 USB ports, HDMI and VGA out, ExpressCard/34 slot, a memory card reader, 128GB SSD, and all the usual fixings. It has a 13.3″ screen and runs on an unspecified (probably selectable) Intel Centrino processor.

they don’t mention the dimensions, which is telling — sounds like they haven’t got Apple beat there. You just wait, Apple! Samsung got they eye on you. More pics if you clicky clicky.