Motion52 wall mount: now less incredibly expensive

I kid, I kid. Well — only a little. This motorized wall mount would be a colossal monument to your wealth and, secondarily, concern for comfort and picture. I know there’s a sweet spot for my monitor, but I’m close enough to just move my head into it. Now: imagine my monitor is 50 inches wide and I’m on the far side of the room, on a luxurious sofa with my arm around a woman of quality, and this lady is a cinematographer, and she complains that the black point is pushed because she’s off-center from the display. Are you with me?

Actually, this fantasy is getting a little out of hand, so I’ll just say that it may be convenient to change the position of your TV without getting up and messing around with a bunch of knobs and screws. Their biggest and best one (pictured) has had its price lowered to $600 — pocket change for you, champ. Am I right?