Mark Cuban 1, Loren Feldman 0

Yesterday we announced that Jason Calacanis would be interviewing serial entrepreneur, Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban at TechCrunch50. The comments were mixed, and Cuban was clearly reading. And in one case, responding. When video blogger Loren Feldman wrote “Mark Cuban is not a tech visionary. He is a lucky bastard. was a joke,” Cuban responded:

mark cuban – August 28th, 2008 at 12:35 am PDT

you people talk a lot of shit for being clueless.

hey loren, what do you even know about ?

Yeah Im lucky. And proud to be. I was lucky with MicroSolutions when we started selling LANS in 1983 before anyone else and sold to compuserve. I was lucky selling corporate business applications I wrote and developed. I was lucky with Precept, a hedge fund built on my tech background that I sold (didnt know about that one did you..). I was lucky with , I was lucky to start HDNet years before anyone else thought HD had a chance, lucky with about 10 other companies too.

I will keep on getting lucky, you guys will keep on writing comments on blogs.



Cuban 1, Feldman 0

Update: Feldman denies it’s him in the comments below, there’s no real way of verifying. So treat this as a generic anonymous attack on Cuban.