Samsung has cheapie SSDs coming your way

One of the biggest obstacles in the uptake of SSDs is the price, as I’m sure you, sir, are well aware. We keep hearing about the benefits of SSDs, but how many of us have flash-based storage outside of our mp3 players? It’s just not cost-effective — yet. Predictably, Samsung wants to change that.

They’re introducing a line of low-capacity SSDs that are “highly cost-efficient to manufacture.” There’s a catch. They’re not very high performance, and in fact the lower capacity you go with, the lower the write speeds: 32GB, 70MB/s. 16GB, 45MB/s. 8GB, 25MB/s. Ew! Still, Samsung came out on top of the latest roundup, so at least we’re getting the worst from the best. No pricing was mentioned, which bodes ill for your wallet.