Guitar Praise: Rocking with your God out

For those who are about to rock, let us pray!

Is the threat of Satanic destruction of your immortal soul a real and pressing issue? Are you afraid to let the darkness of AC/DC and Metallica into your home? Well have we got a plastic guitar for you. The Guitar Praise: Solid Rock kit ships on September 25 and will work on Windows and Mac – no console compatibility planned.

The kit costs $99.95 with one guitar and an extra guitar costs $69.95. It includes 50 songs from bands like the 12 Stones and Day of Fire and the on-screen lyric display “reflects Christian values.” They’re taking pre-orders now so get thee to the on-linery!

Incidentally, if you want to lose a little weight you can also try Dance Praise, a DDR knock-off. Praise the Lord and try the Pas de deux!

via GameDaily