(Robot) BEAR to the rescue

This is where it all began. Remember that. When the robot overlords are eating our children and grinding the rest of us into slurry, it will be all because of how robots are treated in the next century. This is nothing new; we all know it is coming. Humans build robots, robots take over, children get eaten. Hell, it’s even in the bible. Look it up.

At the recent Taipei International Robot Show in Taiwan, VIA showed up with some robots utilizing their EPIA Pico-ITX boards. The robots, which you can see in a video, here, range from DIY building kits to those meant for military applications.

So we got robots out there being made by who-knows-who, and then of course, there are the ones designed to be sent into battle or rescue ops. The Vecna Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (“affectionately known as BEAR”) is built to be sent into burning buildings to save their (current) human overlords.

It’s coming, man. I tells you. It’s finally coming. Man.