Nokia announces N79 and N85

Nokia announced two new handsets this morning, both revamped replacements of models yore.

First up is the Nokia N79, which will be replacing the N78 that hit the shelves only months ago. You ever meet a pair of twins, but its blatantly apparent which one got the good genes? The N79 got the good genes here. It’s got the 5 megapixel camera (up from 3.2), dual LED flash, 3G, GPS, and microSDHC support. Most importantly, it doesn’t have the N78’s nasty little thumb-ruining number pad.

Also being replaced is the N81, with the launch of the N85. It’s getting the same upgrade to 5 megapixels (up from 2), GPS/Geotagging capabilities, and a shiny new 2.6″ AMOLED screen. Looks like Nokia is indeed making the move to AMOLED, as we mentioned a few weeks ago.

Expect’em in the UK sometime near October, hopefully with an official North American release not too far thereafter.

[Via Electronista]