Japanese company produces durable furniture made of paper

Japanese chemical company Nippon Kako-Kizai will start selling “green” furniture completely made of paper in September. The furniture is supposedly durable and able to replace “real” products: A stool from the company, for example, can withstand up to 700kg.

The paper is as thick as cardboard and made of 90% recycled content. To stabilize the legs of tables and chairs, Nippon Kako-Kizai came up with a self-devoped solution, originally used in its packaging materials: It bundled layers of the paper to form tubes. The company says normal paper isn’t as stable since it would be bundled in spiral form.

Buyers can choose between a number of different products, including tables, shelves and chairs. A chair with a backrest, for example, will cost a whopping $82 though.

The furniture will be sold mainly over the web. Nippon Kako-Kizai hopes to sell products worth $275,000 in the first year.