Home Theater on the fritz; AT&T's ConnecTech will fix it

AT&T wants a some of the tasty in-home service cake currently being enjoyed by Geek Squad, Firedog, and your local nerd herds. ConnecTech’s prices start out at a reasonable $69 for basic PC/home network telephone support all the way up to $849 for large flat screen hanging along with 7 wall mounted speakers. 

Let’s take a closer look and see how the service stacks up against the tried and true. We have the newbie paired up against Geek Squad and Firedog on three main services. Click through to see which tech service rapes the least.

via eHomeUpgrade

Wireless Network Setup – Basic Service

  • Geek Squad – $119
    • Setup one computer and router; Mac or PC
  • Firedog – $99
    • Setup one computer and router
  • ConnecTech – $119
    • Setup two computers and a router; Mac’s are $50 more


Basic 32-inch flat-panel wall mount

  • Geek Squad – $99
    • Does not include concealing wires within walls
  • Firedog – $279
    • Does included concealment
  • ConnecTech – $179
    • Includes concealment


Big daddy flat-panel and home theater install

  • Geek Squad – $799
    • Pretty much everything is done – can’t find anything that isn’t
    • Mounts 7 speakers, 
  • Firedog – $799
    • Only mounts 5 speakers on the wall 
  • ConnecTech – $849
    • Same as Geek Squads


Well, there you have it. Of course there is other install options but we feel these are the big three. Draw your own conclusions, but the numbers kind of speak for themselves.